Iran International Stone Exhibition

Iran Stone Industry
   Iran is wordly famous for the immense resource of Oil and Gas but there are also the remarkable deposits of dimensional stones, unbelivible in rarity and unimaginable in variety.
In 2012 , the amount of 13,500,000 metric tons of dimensional stone-11.63% of world production has been extracted from more than 1200 active quarries. On the other hand there are about 6500 plants engaged in stone producing and producing standard,special and custom made finished stones. The total processing capacity of stone plants is about 120 million square meters(Minimum), which is basically used to satisfy domestic demands.
There is a very demanding domestic market for dimensional stones in Iran.
Inspired from ancient stone art tradition ,Iranian architects try to combine tradition, innovation and modernity with the application of natural stones. Natural stone, in different colors and types, is widely used in facade of buildings, exterior spaces,covering and stairways.
The application of stone in the domestic construction project is so excessive that the great percentage of produced stone is used to satisfy domestic demands. The application of modern technology , however, has resulted in production of standard slabs and tiles, being marketable for international markets.

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